Vic's peanut butter discovery in Sydney

Vic's peanut butter discovery in Sydney
An industry ripe for disruption? Image source

Vic lives in Sydney, a place where peanut butter is ubiquitous within the 'spreads' section of any supermarket.

However, faced with a growing need for porridge during the cold winter months, and within that bowl of porridge, Vic faced a need for an even spread of peanut butter. This need was not met.

Most of the peanut butter dispensing solutions focused on the peanut butter being stored within a jar. This required a spoon or knife to be used to dip and spread the peanut butter evenly across her porridge – a difficult task when dealing with a texture and consistency that is not easily spreadable. The notion of it being a 'spread' had a level of irony to it that Vic did not find funny.

Time passed..

Vic persisted.

Vic soon returned from her search, with much more than just a jar of peanuts, watch the video to join Vic as she experiences innovation:

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